About Oral Assist

Welcome to Oral Assist: an iPad application used for adding audio annotations easily to assignments and tests promoting independence for students with learning differences and greater differentiation for varied oral accommodation needs. 

Teachers and parents can use this tool to provide oral accommodations to students who benefit from hearing text read aloud or oral explanations of visuals such as charts, graphs, images, and other text features. 


Often students who benefit from oral accommodations have different needs in regards to how many times a question, answer choice, or word bank is read. The app allows students to control how often they need to hear these items read thus promoting greater success and independence.


Providing oral accommodations to a large group in general education classrooms can be challenging! For one, small classroom environments can make it difficult to reduce the distraction to others testing as the teacher reads aloud. Additionally, every student has different pacing and different needs with regard to how their test is read. With the use of the app, teachers are able to more effectively monitor and troubleshoot the whole class during testing and assignments rather than being planted in one place reading to those who benefit from oral accommodations. What a solution! 

Students often feel stigmatized by being pulled aside and may hesitate to ask for a question or answer choice to be reread if everyone else has moved on. Oral Assist fully supports a differentiated approach to oral accommodations!


Teachers & Parents: Record the assignment or test once, and it can be listened to by a multitude of students as often as needed by simply logging into the app with a code! This frees professionals to more effectively monitor the whole class during assignments and testing.


Student Login

  • Free to download the app

  • No student registration required

  • Student login appropriate for all ages: login by tapping a color, animal picture, and numbers or by spelling out the code and typing in numbers


Teacher Dashboard

  • Create multiple student codes for differentiating assigned tasks to different students

  • Multiple options for uploading or scanning in assignments and tests including Camera Roll, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and batch scanning.

  • Ability to link multiple documents to a student login code

  • Ability to add and delete color-coded audio annotations to text, graphics, and other text features.


Student Dashboard

  • View all assigned documents on dashboard

  • Click on desired document to listen to audio annotations

  • Click on audio speaker icons on each assigned document for unlimited playback

Look for Oral Assist in the App Store today! Campus and school district pricing is available. Contact Oral Assist LLC by email for pricing plans.

Contact: contact@oralassist.org